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RG - Russian Group  

BRICS Project meeting, 26/12/2017

BRICS Project meeting, 27/12/2017

   Since 2010 the group in Kotelnikov IRE RAS is developing a new system based on functional materials with a shape memory effect (SME) for manipulating individual nanosized objects in a SEM vacuum chamber using existing manipulators (such as OmniProbe® or Kleindiek®) [1]. Functional material selected for creating a nano tweezers - Ti2NiCu alloy with SME. It exhibits a large deformation (up to 10%) and significant overcome stresses (up to 500 MPa) at a martensitic phase transition temperature between 40 ° C and 70 ° C in [2-5] and withstands more than 2000 operating cycles [6]. Two basic control system designs have been developed to date: 1) a nanopincer control system including a semiconductor laser mounted inside a SEM vacuum chamber (compatible with an OniProbe nanomanipulator)[7,8] and 2) a resistive system (compatible with Kliendiek) [9].


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